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Media Highlights

Date Outlet & Title
 10/11/15 DentistryiQ: Advances in obstructive sleep apnea treatment – development of an auto-adjusting mandibular repositioning device for in-home use
 10/11/15 DentistryiQ: Prototype device may help predict effectiveness of oral appliance therapy for obstructive sleep apnea treatment 
 10/11/15 DentistryiQ: Effect of titration on the therapeutic efficacy of mandibular advancement therapy for obstructive sleep apnea treatment
10/11/15  DentistryiQ: Effects of neuromuscular electrical stimulation on the masticatory muscles and physiologic sleep variables in adults with cerebral palsy
9/1/15 Q&A with AADSM President Dr. Bennett 
9/1/15  A2Zzz: Sleep centers and dental practices can work together to treat sleep apnea patients
8/11/15  Huffington Post: Treating high blood pressure and sleep apnea while you sleep
 7/30/15 Sleep Review: A look at the 2015 oral appliance clinical practice guideline 
7/24/15 Sleep Review: Researchers test at-home auto-titrating oral appliance
4/30/15 SHAPE: Asking for a friend: Is snoring really so bad?
4/27/15 USA Today: Is your snoring a health hazard? How to find out
4/23/15 Sleep Review: Putting teeth into teamwork 
4/1/15 Dentistry iQ: A “snore-fire” way to hurt relationships
3/11/15 Huffington Post: Stop the snore to improve intimacy
2/28/15 Huffington Post: Improve sleep to improve health
2/23/15 CBS Dallas-Fort Worth: Snoring could be hurting your relationship
2/15/15 Medical Daily: Snoring clues us in to sleep problems; It’s also a major turn-off for partners
2/14/15 Huffington Post: The annoying thing you’re doing in bed that might be a total turn-off
2/11/15 Dentistry iQ: Online modules offer convenient opportunities to learn how to integrate dental sleep medicine into practice
1/28/15 Sleep Review: Are oral appliances efficacious in sleep apnea patients who drink alcohol?
1/27/15 Sleep Review: AADSM launches online CE opportunities in dental sleep medicine
10/27/14 Shape: Always tired? Sleep apnea could be to blame
10/26/14 WISH-TV Channel 8 Indianapolis: Feel Better Tomorrow
9/18/14 Sleep Review: 9 alternative therapies for obstructive sleep apnea

Press Releases 

Release Date Press Release Title
7/15/2015 New Clinical Practice Guideline for Oral Appliance Therapy
7/6/2015 American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine annual meeting moves field forward
7/6/2015 Dentists showcase new advances in treatment of obstructive sleep apnea
2/12/2015 A “snore-fire” way to hurt your relationship
6/23/2014 Kansas dentist increases business, improves physician relations
6/10/2014 Dentists further dental sleep medicine knowledge, expertise at national annual meeting
6/2/2014 Dr. Kathleen Bennett named president of the AADSM
5/30/2013 New research highlights growth, innovation in oral appliance therapy at AADSM 22nd Annual Meeting
3/7/2013 New Journal of Dental Sleep Medicine begins accepting manuscript submissions
1/17/2013 Drowsy driving report catches America asleep at the wheel
12/12/2012 Stop snoring and improve memory
8/27/2012 Newly accredited facilities highlight importance of AADSM program
8/22/2012 Say Ahhh to get more Zzzz’s
6/2/2011 Novel device quantifies the efficacy of oral appliance therapy for snoring and sleep apnea
5/31/2011 Oral appliance therapy improves craniofacial growth direction and snoring
5/31/2011 Study finds agreement between subjective and objective compliance with oral appliance therapy
5/31/2011 Combination therapy reduces pauses in breathing caused by sleep apnea

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