Three criteria for choosing the best continuing education courses for dental sleep medicine

American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine
Friday, May 20, 2016

DARIEN, IL - As the number of adults diagnosed with sleep apnea continues to increase, dentists have the opportunity to integrate dental sleep medicine into their practices and grow their businesses while treating this serious disease. Continuing education (CE) courses provide the knowledge needed to expand into dental sleep medicine, and dentists should be on the lookout for three key essentials when selecting CE courses.

“Taking dental sleep medicine CE courses is a great way for individuals to increase their knowledge of the field, but not all courses are created equal,” said Kathleen Bennett, DDS, American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM) president. “Continuing education offered from a high-quality, reputable source can be invaluable for one’s career and business.”

Choosing CE Courses for Dental Sleep Medicine
When reviewing CE options, the AADSM recommends looking for courses with these three key qualities:

Unbiased – Many organizations, including manufacturers and for-profit organizations, offer educational courses that also aim to sell attendees on products or services. While these can help dentists learn about tools of the trade, the AADSM recommends courses provided by non-profit organizations for acquiring fundamental, unbiased knowledge of dental sleep medicine. In fact, the Clinical Practice Guideline for Oral Appliance Therapy, published jointly by the AADSM and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), specifies that one desirable qualification to be considered a “qualified dentist” is to earn CE hours from a “dental sleep medicine focused non-profit organization or accredited dental school.”
Recognized – The most beneficial CE course providers are recognized by the American Dental Association Continuing Education Recognition Program (ADA CERP) or Academy of General Dentistry Program Approval for Continuing Education (AGD PACE), both of which can help dentists fulfill ongoing educational requirements. Any recognized course will prominently display its ADA CERP or AGD PACE affiliation and will specify the amount of CE credits it can provide.
Tailored – Dentists should also look for courses that are tailored to their current experience level. This important characteristic can often be overlooked when a course is convenient or priced right. Beware of courses that are overgeneralized to draw as many attendees as possible. These may not provide the same value as courses that are tailored to different experience levels and varying degrees of knowledge of dental sleep medicine.

As the field of dental sleep medicine continues to grow, so does the demand for dentists who are familiar with the treatment of patients with sleep-disordered breathing. Through continuing education, dentists can demonstrate to the local medical community that they are dedicated to acquiring the knowledge needed to provide optimal patient care.

The AADSM is a reputable, non-profit organization that has been in existence for 25 years. Its courses comprise instruction and insights on best practices taught by AADSM members who are leading dentists with substantial experience in the clinical practice of dental sleep medicine. Additionally, all AADSM courses are ADA CERP recognized and fulfill the continuing education requirements for dentists to maintain their licensure.

“AADSM educational courses are available to anyone who is looking for the opportunity to continue growing in dental sleep medicine,” said Bennett. “We offer a variety of accessible resources – from courses at our Annual Meeting to online learning modules – that can help dentists continue their education by increasing their foundational understanding and knowledgeable practice of dental sleep medicine.”

Upcoming AADSM Courses
The AADSM offers a variety of ways for dentists to increase their knowledge and stay up-to-date on the best practices in dental sleep medicine, including in-person and virtual educational opportunities.

In Person – Six in-person AADSM courses will be offered throughout the country this year:
     • Essentials of Dental Sleep Medicine – September 17-18, 2016 – San Antonio, TX
     • Dental Sleep Medicine Staff Course – October 22, 2016 – Lombard, IL
     • Practical Demonstration Course – October 22, 2016 – Darien, IL
     • Essentials of Dental Sleep Medicine – November 5-6, 2016 – Nashville, TN
     • Advances in Dental Sleep Medicine – November 5-6, 2016 – Nashville, TN
     • Practical Demonstration Course – December 3, 2016 – Darien, IL

Dentists also have the opportunity to attend in-person courses during the AADSM Annual Meeting taking place June 9-11 in Denver. The meeting gives attendees the opportunity to earn up to 20.25 CE credits.

Virtual – In addition to the in-person courses, the AADSM offers virtual Q&A webinars and online learning modules that provide a quick and convenient way for dentists to learn more about dental sleep medicine on their own schedule.

Learning modules focus on a range of topics from coding and billing to selecting the right oral appliance. Each online learning module can easily be streamed on any computer or mobile device. At only $35 for members and $50 for non-members, access is affordable and long-lasting, allowing registrants to view the content at their convenience via the AADSM website for one year.

More information on upcoming educational courses, Q&A webinars, learning modules and the AADSM Annual Meeting can be found at

About The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine
The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM) is the only non-profit national professional society dedicated exclusively to the practice of dental sleep medicine. The AADSM provides educational resources for dentists and promotes the use of oral appliance therapy for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea and sleep-disordered breathing. Established in 1991, the AADSM has more than 3,000 member dentists worldwide. Visit or call the national office at (630) 737-9705 for more information.

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