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AADSM 2018 Annual Meeting Exhibitor Listing

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April 30, 2018
While the AADSM appreciates the support of the exhibiting companies, it does not endorse or recommend any products, services, or educational offerings provided by exhibitors or through industry supported events held at the AADSM Annual Meeting.



Booth Number:308

St. Ann, MO | DynaFlex.com


Come see DynaFlex’s NEW Custom Milled OSA Devices!  With our new high precision 5 axis milling machine, we can create extremely accurate, crystal clear and impressively strong devices.  The new line of Milled OSA Devices is available in the DynaFlex Herbst & DynaFlex Dorsal and includes a 3 Year Warranty!


Booth Number:404

Oxnard, CA | leoneamerica.com


LeoneAmerica Dental Products, Inc. located in Oxnard, California is the US orthodontic division of Leone Orthodontics and Implantology of Florence, Italy.
Leone was established in 1934 and is now one of the few quality producers of a full range orthodontic products and, since 1993, has been a member of OMA (Orthodontic Manufacturers Association) which incorporates 12 worldwide leading orthodontic manufacturers.
LeoneAmerica Dental Products, Inc. distributes exclusively the Leone Orthodontic products and mandibular advancement devices in North America, Canada and Puerto Rico.
LeoneAmerica will showcase the new Forward! and Telescopic Advancer component kits for construction of M.A.D. (Mandibular Advancement Devices). Manufactured by Leone in Italy, these kits include all the parts for an easier and more precise construction of the most widely used and popular anti-snoring and OSAS devices.

Max-Air Nose Cones

Max Air Nose Cones

Booth Number:110

Beverly Farms, MA | maxairnosecones.com


Sinus Cones(R) | Max-Air Nose Cones (R) are ergonomically designed, soft, nasal-airway relief aids that are patented, latex-free, hypoallergenic, reusable, and Made in the USA.
The Cones gently stent-open and support the entire nasal airway to maximize nasal breathing. They may be used as a stand-alone therapy to relieve snoring and recumbency induced nasal airway obstruction, or they may be used in conjunction with oral appliances to treat OSA.
The Max-Air Nose Cones and Sinus Cones are available in sizes XXS – XL to offer superior nasal airway relief options for even the most challenged, sleep-breathing disordered patient.
The Cones may be purchased at wholesale pricing through Henry Schein, Inc or directly from SANOSTEC. Contact SANOSTEC CORP at 1-800-797-0361 for wholesale price sheet/order form.

Academy of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

Booth Number: 332 

Pacific Palisades, CA | aomtinfo.org


The AOMT is an institute that helps lead in training and research facilitation in the emerging field of orofacial myofunctional therapy.  With relations with over 40 universities and hospital groups around the world, we are proud to have pioneered the relationship of treatment of orofacial myofunctional disorders and SDB.

Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc.

Booth Number: 304

Carlsbad, CA | advancedbrainmonitoring.com


Advanced Brain Monitoring provides easy-to-use technologies that enhance oral appliance outcomes and provide a simple, inexpensive means for titration. Night Shift vibro-tactile positional therapy can double the efficacy of oral appliance therapy.  Combine Night Shift with a WristOx to obtain 27 measures of sleep quality, including positional snoring and ODI.

Airway Management

Booth Number:400  

Carrollton, TX | tapintosleep.com


Airway Management offers products that improve the health and quality of life for people who suffer from sleep-disordered breathing. We are committed to supporting the clinician, health care professional and laboratory technician with high quality products for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea.

Airway Metrics, LLC

Booth Number:210

Tacoma, WA | airwaymetrics.com


“An effective oral appliance starts with an accurate Bite Registration”
A 16-piece system for simulating Mandibular positions in anterior/vertical combinations to identify preferred airway position for a Sleep Apnea Device.  The Simulator connects to fork and handle for stable bite registration.  View our ‘New Scanning Bite Fork’.


Booth Number:133

Mineral Wells, TX | alpha-stim.com


Alpha-Stim® is a handheld, prescription medical device that is FDA cleared to treat acute, post-traumatic, and chronic pain, along with anxiety, insomnia, and depression.  Proven fast, safe and effective by more than 100 clinical trials over 35 years.  Try it free at our booth or view studies at alpha-stim.com.

Apex Dental Sleep Lab

Booth Number:116

La Mesa, CA | apexsleep.com


Apex Dental Sleep Lab fabricates and develops quality, customized dental sleep appliances. We are proud licensed partners of SomnoMed®, Panthera Dental, MicrO2, EMA®, OASYS Oral/Nasal Airway System™, OravanOSA, Luco Hybrid OSA, TAP® and KAVA. Our mission --develop new products, and find effective solutions for clients to offer.


Booth Number:434

Palo Alto, CA | birdeye.com


BirdEye helps health-care professionals tap into the most powerful source of revenue: happy patients.  Generate, monitor and respond to patient feedback on social media, review sites and suveys about brands, locations products, and services – in real time, from one place.


Booth Number:433

Orvault, France | bluepro.pro

+33 228256143

BlueSom is the manufacturer of the Mandibular Advancement Device BLUEPRO. BLUEPRO is a first-line oral appliance in snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Sold exclusively to health professionals, e.g. dentists, stomatologists, otolaryngologists. BLUEPRO has 3 key features required for successful treatment: Retention, titration, maintaining. For further informations: www.bluepro.pro

BQ Ergonomics LLC

Booth Number:228

Overland Park, KS | bqe-usa.com


BQ Ergonomics develops and manufactures ergonomic stools and chairs for the entire office. Front office, Doctor, Hygiene, Assistant Stools.

Brady Billing

Booth Number:425

Frisco, TX | bradybilling.com


Brady Billing is a third party billing company that specifically handles medical billing for oral appliance therapy.  Easy set-up, low rates, and no additional software required.


Booth Number:109

Kanata, Ontario, Canada  | braebon.com


BRAEBON proudly introduces the third generation DentiTrac microrecorder for accurate oral appliance compliance measurement.  This powerful microrecorder is embedded within an oral appliance and data are uploaded to the secure BRAEBON cloud portal.  BRAEBON also introduces improved versions of software for our MediByte recorders.

Bullseye Media

Booth Number:232

McKinney, TX | dentalsleepmarketing.com


A comprehensive direct-to-consumer dental sleep marketing program to position your practice as the go-to sleep experts in your market. Utilizing tested and proven online, offline, internal and external marketing strategies to generate sleep consults. Since 2006, Bullseye Media has helped over 350 dental practices reach their growth goals.

Carestream Dental

Booth Number:130

Atlanta, GA | csdental.com


Carestream Dental provides a number of imaging solutions to support your diagnostic needs: the CS 9300, featuring CBCT imaging; the CS Airway module, an advanced tool for clinicians seeking quick 3D airway analysis; and the CS 3600, an innovative intraoral scanner. For more information, please visit www.carestreamdental.com.

Curtis Marketing Group

Booth Number:327

St. Joseph, MN | curtisgroup.com


Curtis Group is a dental marketing company that, for 26 years, has developed innovative and effective marketing exclusively for progressive dentists. Curtis Group’s latest program, Dental Sleep Medicine Marketing, is revolutionizing the acquisition of new sleep patients.

Dental Prosthetic Services

Booth Number:311

Cedar Rapids, IA | DPSdental.com


More than just a dental lab, DPS is your partner in dental sleep medicine. We feature a full line of FDA-cleared appliances, including the Adjustable PM Positioner™, EMA®, O2 OASYS™, Narval™ CC, and Somnodent®. We also provide you with personal service and outstanding craftsmanship, as well as practice support.

Dental Services Group

Booth Number:202

St. Petersburg, FL | dentalservices.net


Partner with the DSG network to experience the personal relationship and care of a local dental laboratory while gaining access to a wealth of resources and the latest technology in dental restorations, including FDA approved sleep apnea appliances.   Reliable case consultation, your clinical success and patient satisfaction are our goals.

Dental Sleep Practice Magazine

Booth Number:429

Scottsdale, AZ | dentalservices.net


Dental Sleep Practice (DSP) is THE Sleep Apnea publication for Dentists. Each issue includes information and clinical articles on the diagnosis & treatment options for sleep apnea. Quarterly publication to 30,000 US specialists searching for relevant Sleep Apnea content. DSP features a unique blend of editorial content including clinical techniques, nutrition and legal information.

Dental Sleep Solutions

Booth Number:300

Bradenton, FL | DentalSleepSolutions.com


The DS3 Experience provides the Education, Coaching, Software, and Support so practices can successfully Screen, Test, Treat, and Bill for Oral Appliance Therapy. The DS3X is your key to Dental Sleep Medicine success. Visit Booth 300 for a free demo and sleep practice consultation.

Dentsply Sirona

Booth Number:432

Charlotte, NC | dentsplysirona.com


Dentsply Sirona develops, manufactures, and markets a comprehensive solutions offering including dental and oral health products as well as other consumable medical devices under a strong portfolio of world-class brands.

Doctor Multimedia

Booth Number:333

La Jolla, CA | doctormultimedia.com


We are experts in website design and marketing for the medical industry. We provide doctors with internet solutions and marketing techniques that turn the web into an advantage for their practices. We focus our website design and marketing efforts solely on the medical industry.


Booth Number:100

New York, NY | doctor.com


Doctor.com is the definitive marketing automation and reputation management platform for medical practices, helping to acquire new patients, develop and protect online reputations, and maintain a strong online presence. 

EZ Sleep, In-Home Testing

Booth Number:208

Thousand Oaks, CA | EzSleepTest.com


EZ Sleep, In-Home Testing is the leading provider of patient sleep testing services for the dental sleep medicine community. We provide dedicated concierge level service and have board-certified Sleep Physicians in All 50 states — providing baseline diagnosis through titration analysis, including prescriptions for Oral Appliance or CPAP therapy as indicated.

Frantz Design, Inc. – Myerson Tooth Co.

Booth Number:112

Austin, TX | myersontooth.com


The EMA Oral Appliance from Myerson increases airway space by advancing the mandible using interchangeable straps. FDA cleared for the treatment of snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea, EMA's patient-friendly design offers advantages not found in other oral appliances.

General Sleep Corporation

Booth Number:421

Cleveland, OH | GeneralSleep.com


General Sleep Corporation introduces our latest product, the Zmachine Synergy.  Combining traditional respiratory variables and body position with our patient-applied, single-channel, EEG technology and automated sleep staging, the Zmachine Synergy home sleep test reports the AHI based on actual sleep time for improved accuracy, especially in less severe patients.

Gergens Sleep Appliance Lab

Booth Number:204

Phoenix, AZ | Gergensortho.com


Gergens Ortho and Sleep Appliance Lab is family owned and has serviced the United States since 1985. We fabricate ortho, pedo, TMJ and Sleep Apnea appliances. We have built our reputation on great quality, customer service, and having knowledgeable technicians. Our customers genuinely care about their patients and want them to have the finest dental appliances available.

Glidewell Dental

Booth Number:129

Newport Beach, CA | glidewelldental.com


Glidewell Laboratories is a privately owned corporation with nearly 50 years experience as a restorative dental laboratory. The company offers a wide range of snoring and/or sleep apnea devices including the popular Silent Nite® sl, TAP® 3 Elite, EMA® and aveoTSD® (Tongue Stabilizing Device). Learn more at www.glidewelldental.com.

Great Lakes Orthodontics, Ltd

Booth Number:127

Tonawanda, NY | greatlakesortho.com


For over 20 years, Great Lakes has been providing one of the most effective, clinically proven sleep appliances, diagnostic tools, and technical support to dentists for their patients with snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. We offer the resources you need to confidently practice Dental Sleep Medicine. Visit GreatLakesSleep.com to learn more.

HST America

Booth Number:108

Las Vegas, NV | hstamerica.com


HST America is a home sleep testing provider and offers dental continuing education in sleep apnea management.  We have been working with sleep apnea patients for the last decade and operate one of the only national testing programs where units are hand-delivered and retrieved, resulting in fast turnarounds.


Booth Number: 124

Charlotte, NC | i-CAT.com


The NEW i-CAT™ FLX V-Series offers one of the most comprehensive 3D treatment solutions, featuring clinical control and optimized patient care, comprehensive treatment tools and greater predictability. It allows for clinical control over scan size, resolution, modality and dose, including enhanced low-dose and ultra-low-dose settings, while Tx STUDIO™ provides integrated surgical treatment tools. 

imagn Solutions

Booth Number: 417

Orem, UT | imagnsolutions.com


imagn Solutions is the Complete Sleep Solution for dental sleep medicine and medical billing. From imagn billing to imagn sleep to RiPPLE Retainers, imagn Solutions is your partner in dental sleep medicine. Sleep changes everything.

Itamar Medical

Booth Number:201

Atlanta, GA | itamar-medical.com


Itamar Medical Ltd, a publicly traded medical device company develops, manufactures, and markets diagnostic products based on its proprietary PAT™ (Peripheral Arterial Tone) technology that provides an innovative solution to diagnosing sleep-breathing disorders and cardiovascular conditions. Itamar’s FDA-cleared HST device, the WatchPAT, uses innovative technology to enable simple and accurate Sleep Apnea testing.


Booth Number:126

Charlotte, NC | kavokerr.com


KaVo Kerr is a cohesive organization comprised of two global leaders, united to provide dental excellence and serve as a single premier partner for the dental community. KaVo Kerr offers solutions for endodontics, restoratives, treatment units, infection prevention, imaging, rotary and instruments.


Booth Number:428

Huntington Beach, CA | kettenbachusa.com


Kettenbach offers an extensive impression material product line to suit specific clinical needs to include silicone impression materials, bite registration, core build up, restoratives and a wide range of common accessories and tips. All sales are direct from manufacturer.


Lighthouse by Web.com

Booth Number:325

Jacksonville, FL | lh360.com


Lighthouse 360 is an award-winning platform that helps dental professionals maximize patient visits through automated communications.

Lyon Dental Sleep Services

Booth Number:408

South Lyon, MI | lyondentalsleep.com


Lyon Dental Sleep Services provides professional medical billing services, digital marketing support and practice management software for dentists specializing in oral appliance therapy. We tailor our approach to the needs of each client and help dentists focus on the key elements of running a successful dental sleep practice.

MC Technology GmbH

Booth Number:229

Hargelsberg, Austria | thera-mon.com


MC Technology is the inventor of TheraMon®, a dedicated microchip for patient compliance monitoring of oral appliances in orthodontics and dental sleep medicine with 100,000+ installations. During AADSM annual meeting 2018 MC Technology will introduce a number of upcoming outstanding advancements focusing on patient interaction in dental sleep medicine!

Medical Billing for Dentists

Booth Number:233

Modesto, CA | MedicalBillingForDentists.com


Medical Billing For Dentists provides your team with unique and successful financial and medical insurance strategies.  The only billing team with 12 years of "A to Pay" expertise. Medical Billing with Mentoring for your team from Dr. Marty Lipsey!  No software and no headaches---talk to us to hear the difference.

Medqor (Sleep Review)

Booth Number:733
Leawood, KS | sleepreviewmag.com

Sleep Review and RT Magazines are the preeminent glossy trade magazines in the fields of sleep medicine and respiratory therapy, respectively. They provide practical insights, clinical updates, trends, and product news. Subscriptions are free for US-based sleep medicine and respiratory professionals. Stop by our booth to suggest story ideas or see if we can assist with your marketing needs.

Modern Dental Laboratory

Booth Number:205

Troy, MI | moderndentalusa.com


Modern Dental Laboratory USA and Microdental Laboratories value your commitment to sleep apnea treatment. With that in mind, we are proud to offer a variety of sleep apnea devices including – Whole You, Oventus, The Moses and EMA. Each is uniquely designed around optimal compliance, effectiveness, and comfort. Please stop by our booth to learn more about our sleep apnea solutions. 

N3Sleep, Consulting Division of DreamSleep

Booth Number:104

Waterford, VA | n3sleep.com


N3Sleep, the consulting division of DreamSleep, transforms dental sleep practices through end-to-end solutions including in-office team training, coaching, marketing support, on-demand education and exclusive contracts with regional and national patient groups. Whether your practice is just starting out or well established in sleep, N3Sleep has the expertise, tools and patients to achieve your goals.

NDX Keller Laboratory

Booth Number:329

Fenton, MO | ndxkeller.com


NDX Keller takes pride in being a full service dental lab providing a wide range of high quality, and specialized products, services, and technologies. We are committed to offering oral appliances for the treatment of snoring and OSA. For more information, please visit - https://ndxkeller.com/products/dental-sleep-medicine.

Nierman Practice Management

Booth Number:209

Tequesta, FL | NiermanPm.com


Celebrating their 30th anniversary in 2018, Nierman Practice Management pioneered medical billing in dentistry, and continues to innovate new solutions, making it easy for dentists to expand with cross-coding, TMD, and dental sleep medicine implementation. DentalWriter™ Software allows dentists to bill medical insurance and generate essential narrative reports to insurance and physicians.

Noridian Healthcare Solutions, LLC

Booth Number:335

Fargo, ND | med.noridianmedicare.com/web/jadme

Noridian serves as the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) for Jurisdiction A and D. The Outreach and Education team educates Medicare suppliers about Medicare fundamentals; policies and procedures; new Medicare initiatives; and any significant changes to the Medicare program.

OASYS Dream Systems

Booth Number:125

Roseville, CA | dreamsystemsdentallab.com


Dream Systems Dental Sleep Laboratory is the Research & Development Lab for the OASYS Oral Nasal Airway System and the Medicare Approved OASYS Hinge Appliance. Nasal Dilators and Lingual Tongue Repositioning Lifters are included as Medicare options. Dream Systems also fabricates the Medicare Approved Herbst and a Custom EMA Device.

Orthodent LTD

Booth Number:324

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada | orthodent.ca


Orthodent is proud to partner in your professional success. We have been servicing dentists across North America for 30 years with exceptional quality and service. We are a full service dental laboratory certified ISO13485 Medical Device Manufacturer specializing in Orthodontic, TMJ and Snoring and Sleep Apnea Appliances.

Ortho-Tain/Healthy Start

Booth Number:305

Winnetka, IL | thehealthystart.com


The HealthyStart system by Ortho-Tain addresses Sleep Disordered Breathing while straightening teeth without braces.  Toddler (ages 2-4), kids (5-7), preteen (8-12), and teen & adult (13+) systems use functional, orthopedic, treatement/finishing appliances to eliminate overbite, over jet, crowding, class III, TMJ problems while addressing poor oral habits and SDB symptoms.

Oventus Medical

Booth Number:410

Indooroopilly, Australia | oventusmedical.com

+61 1300 533 159

Oventus Medical is an Australian medical device company enhancing patient outcomes by offering a personalized sleep treatment platform for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).  Our O2VentTM oral appliances incorporate Oventus Airway Technology to bypass multiple levels of obstruction and deliver a consistent, stabilized airflow, delivering increased efficacy for many patients.

Panthera Dental

Booth Number:413

Quebec, Canada | pantheradental.com


Recognized as a world pioneer and leader in CAD/CAM dentistry, Panthera Dental created its sleep division based on that innovative technology to provide its customers with the highest levels of product quality and precision. The Panthera Sleep division designs, develops, manufactures and markets high-end Mandibular Advancement Devices and related products using superior quality materials.

Pristine Medical Billing

Booth Number:328

Murrieta, CA | pristinemedicalbilling.com


Pristine Medical Billing is a full-service, billing organization, specialized in dental sleep medicine. Our designated account managers provide optimal support with patient-by-patient coaching, including: patient cost and insurance reimbursement, coupled with realtime authorization and claim status updates, for a price that never exceeds $195 on dental sleep claims. 

ProSomnus Sleep Technologies

Booth Number:301

Pleasanton, CA | prosomnus.com


ProSomnus® Sleep Technologies designs, manufactures and markets FDA Cleared Class II Medical Devices dentists use to treat patients diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea. ProSomnus Devices are the first, precision oral appliance therapy devices designed to enhance compliance, mitigate side effects and, enable dentists to achieve excellent patient experiences and outcomes.

Renew Digital

Booth Number:411

Norcross, GA | RenewDigital.com


Renew Digital is the leading provider of certified pre-owned panoramic X-ray and cone beam equipment to dentists and dental specialists across the United States. The company’s low one price guarantee includes installation, training and a comprehensive warranty, enabling dental professionals to deliver superior patient care more affordably.


Booth Number:101

San Diego, CA | resmed.com


ResMed changes lives with award-winning medical devices and cutting-edge cloud-based applications that better diagnose, treat and manage sleep apnea, COPD and other chronic diseases. Our team is committed to creating the world’s best medical device company – improving quality of life, reducing the impact of chronic disease, and saving healthcare costs.

Resonea Inc.

Booth Number:431

Scottsdale, AZ | resonea.com


Resonea develops medical-quality digital diagnostic tools, deployed by smartphone, to accelerate the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of often hidden sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea. Resonea provides risk assessment, guidance on sleep breathing health, and long-term disease management for those with sleep disorders.

Respire Medical

Booth Number:120

Brooklyn, NY | respiremedical.com


At Whole You/Respire, we work with leading experts to create innovative medical products by placing people at the center of everything we do. During the AADSM meeting, we will be showcasing our customer loyalty program, marketing support services and the latest developments in our oral devices.


Booth Number:114

Cincinnati, OH | mutesnoring.com


Rhinomed Limited is a Melbourne based medical technology firm with a focus on nasal, respiratory and breathing management technologies. The company is developing and commercializing applications of its technology portfolio in the Sport, Sleep, Well Being and Drug Delivery markets.

Shatkin First, LLC

Booth Number:427

Amherst, NY | shatkinfirst.com


Shatkin First, F.I.R.S.T. night’s sleep offers innovative approaches to appliance therapy in addition to conventional FDA cleared appliances, we are the only lab providing complete case planning, consulting and fabrication of mini dental implant options for snoring and sleep apnea appliances.

Sleep Apnea MD

Booth Number:326

Coconut Creek, FL | sleepapneamd.com


Sleep Apnea MD is a full-service marketing agency dedicated to the Dental Sleep community.  We offer services to help dentists market to potential referring physicians, as well as full scale internet marketing campaigns to attract new patients online.

Sleep Group Solutions

Booth Number:225

Hollywood, FL | sleepgs.com


For over ten years Sleep Group Solutions has trained Dentists nationwide on how to properly implement a patient friendly Dental Sleep Medicine program in their practices with the Eccovision Pharyngomer and Rhinometer. Pioneers in DSM Education, instrumentation and in-office training, SGS offers the industry’s most comprehensive selection of CE seminars.

Sleep Multimedia, Inc.

Booth Number:423

Scarsdale, NY | sleepmultimedia.com


SleepMultiMedia v. 10.5 is a computerized textbook of sleep medicine with text, sound, graphics, animation, & video.  Updated annually with 140 CME credits, the program covers clinical sleep medicine, dental sleep medicine, sleep physiology, polysomnography, sleep research, and sleep practice management. NEW:  Online real-time access to references through Medline.  Available on USB Flash Drive.


Booth Number:132

Broomfield, CO | sleepimage.com


SleepImage is an FDA-cleared, low cost, medically-actionable system that provides objective, clinical rationale to identify individuals with indications of severe, moderate or minimal sleep issues.


Booth Number:309

Bolingbrook, IL | sleeptest.com


SleepTest.com is a national home sleep test company, enabling patients to be tested in the comfort of their own homes.  With a purpose driven mission to minimize barriers to testing and increase access to patient care, SleepTest.com provides clinicians with a trusted source for obstructive sleep apnea testing and diagnosis.

SlumberBUMP, LLC

Booth Number:409

St. George, UT | slumberbump.com


SlumberBUMP is an Alternative-Conservative Therapy for Snoring and Sleep Disordered Breathing which improves sleep related quality of life. Positional sleep therapy is clinically proven to help those with snoring and sleep related breathing disorders. SlumberBUMP is a comfortable and affordable positional sleep therapy device, a non-medicated solution for better sleep.

SML – Space Maintainers Laboratories

Booth Number:200

Chatsworth, CA | SMLglobal.com


Throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, and Malaysia, SML continues to provide a complete solution for the dental practitioner who desires to integrate sleep medicine into their practice.  Education, screening, diagnostics, testing, record-keeping, and appliance therapy are all at your fingertips when SML is by your side.


Booth Number:401

Plano, TX | somnomed.com


SomnoMed is a global leader in COAT™ (Continuous Open Airway Therapy), and has innovated OSA treatment options since 2004. Our world class devices are designed with patient comfort as a priority, and we are proud to have one of the best support and service systems for our dentists and your patients.

Spencer Study Club

Booth Number:224

Raleigh, NC | JamisonSpencer.com


Sleep and TMD education and mentoring excellence, without the hassles and expense of travel.  Learn where, when, and how YOU want.  Train your team.  Join hundreds of like minded dentists in the Mentoring Group for real time guidance.  Document Center.  How-to videos. Everything. Forever. Welcome to the Club.

True Function Laboratory

Booth Number:105

La Mesa, CA | truefunction.com


True Function Laboratory specializes in Inter-occlusal Splints and Snoring & Sleep Appliances.We supply dentists nationwide with consistently superior products based on their specific treatment plans and their patients’ individual needs with an unwavering devotion to quality and the successful treatment of TMJ and/or Sleep Apnea disorders. If precision and quality are what you are looking for in a dental lab, then you are in the right place.

Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

Booth Number:128

Boston, MA | dental.tufts.edu/continuing-education


Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Division of Continuing Education is dedicated to providing patient-centered and clinical-based education for the lifelong learning needs of dental professionals. We are proud to offer state-of-the-art education in the fields of Dental Sleep Medicine and Temporomandibular Disorders and invite you to learn more about our upcoming continuing education opportunities.

Vatech America, Inc.

Booth Number:426

Fort Lee, NJ | vatechamerica.com


Vatech is a leading manufacturer of radiographic imaging solutions for the medical, dental and veterinary fields with offices in over 70 countries worldwide. From the world’s first 3-in-1 digital X-ray system to the latest in high resolution, low radiation CBCT devices, Vatech America is the clinician’s preferred vendor for their diagnostic imaging endeavors.

Vivos Therapeutics, Inc.

Booth Number:435

Denver, CO | vivoslife.com


The Vivos System is a unique treatment for individuals who have a narrow or compromised airway.  The Vivos System is a specially designed oral appliance, usually worn only in the evening and overnight.  The Vivos System is available only from specially trained and certified healthcare providers.

Whip Mix Corporation

Booth Number:424

Louisville, KY | whipmix.com


Whip Mix manufactures and distributes dental supplies, lab equipment, CAD/CAM products and the Whip Mix®, Denar® and Hanauocclusion product lines to dental professionals worldwide. The Bruxism & Airway line includes the NoxT3, Gem and Gem Pro Measuring Systems and the Apnea RX mandibular repositioning device.

Zyppah Sleep Certified

Booth Number:405

Carson City, NV | sleepcertified.com


Sleep Certified is the only low cost, all inclusive, educational, fully comprehensive, online membership platform created exclusively for the growing community of Dentists treating Snoring and Sleep Apnea.  With thousands of potential patient referrals already in the pipeline, our goal, is to become the leading referral service to dentists nationwide.