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FDA clearance/approval does not mean oral appliance is reimbursed. Learn more.

A template form that you can use to refer a patient to a physician for diagnosis of sleep-related breathing disorder(s).

A form you can use to both request a prescription for oral appliance therapy and provide necessary documentation to payers and insurance providers in order to request patient coverage.

  • Exam Form

    This form can be used to document clinical findings prior to initiation of oral appliance therapy. This form is comprehensive, however, you are encouraged to tailor it to your practice's needs.
  • Informed Consent Form

A form you can download and use in your office to inform your patients about the risks of untreated sleep apnea, the advantages and limitations of oral appliance therapy, and the potential side effects of oral appliances used to treat sleep-related breathing disorders.

  • Telehealth Informed Consent Form

    A form to use as a guide to advise patients about the benefits and risks of using telehealth services for dental sleep medicine appointments. Please note that this form does not protect dentists from liability generally for malpractice or negligence in the performance of medical/dental services.