Current Issue

Volume 6, Number 2 (4.10.2019)


Will the Orthodontic Profession Disappear?

Jean-Francois Masse, DMD, MSc, D.ABDSM

Original Articles

A Pilot Study: Is Snoring During Pediatric Dental Procedures Indicative of Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

Harmeet K. Chiang, DDS, MS, Riley J. Robinson, BS, Al M. Best, PhD, Tegwyn H. Brickhouse, DDS, PhD, David J. Leszczyszyn, MD, PhDH

Assessment of Potential Tooth Movement and Bite Changes With a Hard-Acrylic Sleep Appliance: A 2-Year Clinical Study

Nikola Vranjes, DDS, Gene Santucci, DDS, MA, Karen A. Schulze, PhD, DDS, David Kuhns, PhD, Allen Khai

Review Article

Sleep Apnea Phenotyping: Implications for Dental Sleep Medicine

Victor Lai, Jayne C. Carberry, PhD, and Danny J. Eckert, PhD

Case Reports

Letters to the Editor

The Buteyko Technique: News

Patrick McKeown, MA, BBE

Response to "The Buteyko Technique: News"

Jean-Francois Masse, DMD, MSc, Diplomate, ABDSM