Current Issue

Volume 7, Number 2 (4.10.2020)


The Role of DSM During the COVID 19 Disease Crisis: Management with CPAP and Oral Appliances

Jean-François Masse, DMD, MSc, FACD, Diplomate, ABDSM

Original Articles

Self-Reported Sleep Quality With Mandibular Advancement Device or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure: A Randomized Clinical Trial on Patients With Mild and Moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Lars Martin Berg, DDS; Torun Karina S. Ankjell, MD; Tordis Agnete Trovik, DDS, MPH, PhD; Anders Sjögren, DDS, PhD; Oddveig G. Rikardsen, MD, PhD; Ketil Moen, DDS, PhD; Yi-Qian Sun, PhD; Vegard Bugten, MD, PhD

Three-Dimensional Changes in Skeletal/ Dental Landmarks With Use of Mandibular Advancement Devices

Da In Kim; Manuel Lagravère Vich, DDS, MS, PhD;  Pedro Mayoral, DDS, MS, PhD; Manuel Miguez, DDS, MS, PhD

Case Reports