The AADSM is a national voluntary membership organization for dentists who provide snoring and sleep apnea solutions. We encourage our members to follow ethical standards and guidelines, with the safety and well-being of the patient as the paramount goal; however, the AADSM does not have the authority to investigate or sanction our members.

If you have a concern about an oral appliance you have received, about your provider, or about insurance coverage, we suggest these steps:

Complaints about an oral appliance

  1. Contact the qualified dentist who provided the appliance for help in resolving your concerns.
  2. File a complaint with FDA Medwatch if you have a concern about the safety of an oral appliance.

Complaints about your oral appliance provider

When oral appliances are used to treat snoring or sleep apnea, the standard of care is for a qualified dentist to be the oral appliance therapy provider. Dentists are licensed health care professionals, trained in dental school to maintain the health and function of your teeth and mouth, and qualified dentists have received additional training in dental sleep medicine after finishing dental school.

Oral appliances may be available over the counter, via mail order, or from a physician’s office, but keep in mind that qualified dentists are the appropriate providers for oral appliance therapy due to their extensive, focused training.

Should you have a complaint about the care you received from an oral appliance provider:
  1. Contact the state dental association for your area. They may have a dispute resolution system to help address concerns and disagreements about care provided by dentists in their association.
  2. File a complaint with the dental licensing board in your state.*
* If the provider is not a dentist, the dental licensing board in your state will be able to provide you with contact information for the appropriate licensing board.

Complaints About Insurance Coverage for Oral Appliance Therapy

While most medical insurance policies cover sleep apnea treatment, claims for oral appliance therapy are sometimes denied by the insurer. If you are working with a qualified dentist who accepts your insurance, they will help navigate the process of appealing a claims denial. In addition, most states have an agency devoted to helping patients with insurance problems, and they can help intervene with a private insurance company that continues to deny the oral appliance therapy claim.

Should you have a complaint about your insurance coverage for oral appliance therapy:
  1. Contact your insurance provider directly. If your insurance is provided by your employer, your employer may have an employee benefits manager who can help you.
  2. If you are insured through Medicare, you can contact them directly about your concerns.
  3. File a complaint through your state insurance department.