Member Referral Program

As an AADSM member, you know the impact that membership has had on your dental sleep medicine career. With the AADSM Member Referral Program, now is your chance to share the value of AADSM membership with friends and colleagues! Encourage a friend or colleague to become a part of our vibrant community of dental sleep medicine professionals by joining the AADSM to receive thank-you gifts with a combined value up to $1,000! 

When you encourage a friend or colleague to join as a new member at, make sure they include your name in the “Referred By” section of the membership application process. The more members you refer – the more referral rewards you receive! 

Referral Rewards

 Number of Referrals Item Dollar Value
 1 Referral Free recorded lecture or demo of choice (bundles not included) $55
 2 Referrals Free poster set of your choice $50+
 3 Referrals Free membership for 2023 $400
 4+ Referrals Free 2023 annual meeting registration (general session) ~$500

Tips for Referring New Members

Each member referral helps to strengthen the AADSM community. A growing membership helps you connect with dental sleep medicine professionals across the world and increases opportunities for knowledge-sharing. It also helps the field of dental sleep medicine become more recognizable, which benefits members long-term. Below are tips for referring new members: 

 Start by talking with individuals in your network who you are most familiar with, then expand your efforts to contacts outside your immediate network.
 Follow up with those you contact to ensure they understand how to join, where to enter your name as a referral, and answer questions they may have. For specific questions, you can direct them to
 Personalize the messages you send to each individual. You can utilize the message templates we've created for Regular Membership, Academic Membership, or Dental Sleep Team Membership to get started.
 Don't forget to use social media! We have included sample social media posts here.


Can I refer someone who was a member previously?

  • No, referrals must be new members (individuals who have never been a member of the AADSM).

The member I referred forgot to enter my name when joining. Can I still get credit for this referral?

  • No, the individual must include your name during the registration process in order for you to receive credit for the referral.

How will I know if I officially recruited a new AADSM member?

  • The AADSM will send you an email after each referral informing you of the referral credit.

How and when will I receive my referral reward?

  • After each referral joins, you will receive a follow up email from the AADSM with steps on receiving your referral reward.

Additional Questions?

Terms & Conditions

By participating in the member referral program, you agree that you have read and understand the following rules of the program:

  • The AADSM Member Referral Program is open to current, active members of the AADSM.
  • The referred member must join as a new Regular, Active Duty Military, Staff, or Academic member.
    • We encourage members to refer students to the AADSM, as well; however, student referrals do not count toward a members’ number of referrals.
  • The referred member must include the name of the active member in the “Referred by” field at the time of joining.
  • The 2022 program runs October 1, 2021 through September 30, 2022. The number of referrals and prizes resets with each membership year.
    • Online learning module, scrub tops, and brochure pack rewards must be claimed by Sept. 30, 2022
    • The free year of membership is good for the 2023 membership year. 
    • The free annual meeting registration is good for the 2023 meeting and only includes the general session fee.