Dentists who provide snoring and sleep apnea solutions

The American Academy of Dental Sleep medicine is the leading national organization for dentists who use oral appliance therapy to manage sleep-disordered breathing. As a membership-focused organization, the AADSM builds relationships with physicians, sleep centers and other professional groups that play an integral role in the treatment and research of sleep-related breathing disorders to help members succeed. 

As a member of the AADSM, you'll gain access to educational and networking opportunities, practice support, treatment protocols, and more. 
Deepen your expertise and strengthen your network by becoming a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine today.

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Member Benefits

Continuing Education, Meetings, and Events
Members can receive ADA CERP approved credit through a variety of AADSM offerings:
Practice Management & Insurance/Reimbursement Support
The AADSM keeps members informed of practice-related issues and trends in DSM:
  • Letter templates for private payers and referring physicians 
  • A Reimbursement Guide for OAT and Reimbursement FAQs
  • Access to staff at the national office for direct assistance
  • Discounts on patient education materials in our online store
  • Guidance on managing your practice during COVID-19
  • Template forms to use as guides when working with patients
Access to Relevant Research
Stay abreast of the latest in DSM with:
Networking & Communications
The AADSM provides avenues for relationship building between dentists, physicians, patients, and payers by offering:
Marketing Tools
Members can utilize a variety of marketing tools to grow their practice and collaborate with physicians, such as:
  • A formal protocol for communicating with referring physicians
  • Template letters to use to introduce yourself to local physicians
  • An OAT fact sheet to include with your physician referral letters
  • An online branding toolkit to enhance your web presence
  • A public relations toolkit with materials for media relations
  • The AADSM member logo to use for publicity purposes
And more!
Members benefit from additional AADSM initiatives, including:
  • Ongoing advocacy efforts for improved patient care and reimbursement for DSM services
  • Patient awareness and public outreach campaigns
  • Volunteer opportunities through various committees and task forces

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Statement of Ethics - American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine

AADSM members are expected to abide by the code of ethics set forth in the below statement:

Dental sleep medicine encompasses the clinical treatment of patients with sleep-related breathing disorders through utilization of oral appliance therapy, the promotion of long-term management of patients with sleep-related breathing disorders, and the scientific investigation of topics related to dental sleep medicine.

Members of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine are called upon to follow the highest of ethical standards for their practice, with the safety and well-being of the patient as the paramount goal. A primary tenet of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine’s mission is that dental sleep medicine professionals should possess not only knowledge, skill and technical competence but also honesty, integrity, compassion, fairness, kindness and charity. These professional and personal qualities should define members of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.

Broadly, members of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine are encouraged to adhere to these basic principles:

  1. Members do that which is right and fair for their patients with respect to their treatment and care for sleep-related breathing disorders. In this regard, members are encouraged to disclose therapeutic options available and a course of treatment. Members are also encouraged to maintain comprehensive patient records that remain confidential.
  2. Members follow peer-reviewed standards of practice and published treatment protocol for oral appliance therapy.
  3. Members keep current with regard to their knowledge of and expertise in dental sleep medicine, oral appliance therapy, and sleep-related breathing disorders.
  4. Members deliver care to patients in a manner that demonstrates competence and is within the clinical expertise of the dentist. Once therapy is initiated, members should not discontinue treatment of the patient without ample and proper notification.
  5. Members shall not advertise or market their services utilizing untruthful tactics or misleading claims.

The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine’s Statement of Ethics is a dynamic document. As dental sleep medicine and its context evolves, changes to the Statement of Ethics will be necessary to assist members with their delivery of care to patients. The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine encourages all members to also adhere to the principles outlined in the American Dental Association’s Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct.

AADSM membership dues are non-refundable.