The AADSM promotes the expansion of the science of dental sleep medicine by fostering, funding and publishing the latest discoveries in areas such as: oral appliance therapy in adults and children, maxillomandibular advancement and upper airway surgeries, analysis of the upper airway, craniofacial and developmental characteristics related to sleep disorders, sleep bruxism, and orofacial pain associated with sleep disorders. 


Conducting Clinical Research


The Checklist for Conducting Clinical Research lays out the fundamental steps of how to design and conduct research studies and, subsequently, disseminate their results. This checklist is meant to be a primer for those who are entering the field of dental sleep medicine research and also answers key questions that a clinician who is a novice researcher may have.


AADSM Dental Research Award 

The AADSM is currently accepting applications for its 2021 Dental Research Award. Letters of intent are due March 8, 2021. Please click the link below for more details. 

2021 Dental Research Award

Research Abstracts for AADSM Annual Meeting 

Each year, the AADSM solicits abstracts summarizing current research enhancing clinical practice in the field of dental sleep medicine. Abstracts may be submitted by clinicians, researchers and students and are reviewed by a committee for their substance, presentation and scientific merit. Abstracts that are accepted are presented each year at the AADSM annual meeting.

The AADSM is not currently accepting applications for clinical or student abstracts. Please check back in the fall of 2021 for the call for abstracts for the 2022 AADSM Annual Meeting. 

Link to the 2020 Abstracts published in JDSM.

Link to the 2020 Late-Breaking Abstracts published in JDSM. 



Clinical Excellence Award

2020 - Harmeet Chiang
2019 - Daniel Levendowski
2018 - Marc Braem
2017 - Kristin Dillow
2016 - John Remmers
2015 - Shouresh Charkhandeh
2014 - Marie-Francoise Vecchierini
2013 - Gregory Essick
2012 - Hui Chen
2011 - Olivier Vanderveken
2010 - Michael Simmons

Student Research Award

2020 - Boyuan Kuang
2019 - Sara Op de Beeck
2018 - Marijke Dieltjens
2017 - Mona Hamoda
2016 - Yoshitaka Suzuki
2015 - Elizabeth Kornegay
2014 - Kristin Dillow
2013 - Marijke Dieltjens
2012 - Nischal Singh
2011 - Fabiane Azeredo
2010 - Krisetn Fritz
Clinical Award

2020 - Patricia Fernández-Sanjuán
2020 - Daniel Levendowski
2019 - Daniel Levendowski               
2019 - Todd Morgan
2018 - Ghizlane Aarab
2018 - Arvind Tripathi
2017 - Harmeet Chiang
2017 - Maysaa Khojah
2016 - Yoshikazu Takaesu
2016 - Nikola Vranjes
2015 - Lilian Giannasi
2015 - Marijke Dieltjens
2014 - Ghizlane Aarab
2014 - Scott Craig
2013 - Fernanda Almeida
2013 - Boris Petelle
2012 - Shouresh Charkhandeh
2012 - Eric Abrams
2011 - Lilian Giannasi
2011 - John White
2010 - Luc Gauthier
2010 - Yasuhiro Sasao

Student Award

2020 - Lilian Giannasi 
2020 - Victoria Sheets
2019 - Boyuan Kuang
2019 - Xiaoxin Shi
2018 - Chloe Kastoer
2018 - Ahmed Masoud
2017 - Julia Uniken Venema
2017 - Yuuya Kohzuka
2016 - Annelies Verbruggen
2016 - Nitya Reddy
2015 - Fabiane Azeredo
2015 - Rita Brugarolas
2014 - Tatsuya Fukuda
2014 - Brittany Minichbauer
2013 - Nuha Ahmad
2013 - Stacey Kirshenblatt
2012 - Deirdre Ten Berge
2012 - Joachim Ngiam
2011 - Joachim Ngiam 
2011 - Walter Ribeiro Nunes
2010 - Hiroko Tsuda
2010 - Whitney Mostafiz


The Journal of Dental Sleep Medicine (JDSM)

JDSM is the official quarterly online publication of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM). JDSM is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that highlights the latest findings in the field of dental sleep medicine. 


Research Packet

The AADSM Research Packet is a compilation of 10 landmark studies that support oral appliance therapy as an effective treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and best practices in dental sleep medicine. The packet is a tool to help you build relationships with physicians –including those you are already collaborating with and potential referrers. Each page includes a study summary with the citation, a brief explanation of why the research results are important, a web link to access the study online, and key research highlights. Please note that the full text is not available for every featured study. In those cases, the provided web link will direct you to the research abstract and the option to purchase the full article.

The Research Packet can be an addendum to the Sleep Physician Introductory Letter, which is provided in the above AADSM Member PR Toolkit; used as a handout during introductory meetings with local physicians, or sent as a follow-up to collaborating sleep physicians.

Within the packet, the studies are divided into four research categories:

  • Oral Appliance Therapy vs. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Therapy
  • Custom-fitted Dental Oral Appliances vs. Prefabricated Oral Appliances
  • Health Benefits of Oral Appliance Therapy
  • Dental Sleep Medicine Practice Parameters