Past AADSM Advocacy Alerts

Recall of Philips CPAP Devices
June 18, 2021

Earlier this week, we notified you of a Philips recall of an estimated 3-4 million bi-level PAP, CPAP and mechanical ventilator devices. Philips is advising patients using affected BiLevel PAP and CPAP devices to discontinue use of their device and work with their physician or DME provider to determine the most appropriate options for continued treatment.

To ensure that physicians consider OAT when considering appropriate treatment options, the AADSM has:
  1. Created this template letter for you to personalize and send to physicians in your community.
  2. Developed this press release for you to personalize and send to local media to make patients affected by the recall aware that OAT is a treatment option.
  3. Reached out to the AASM to provide our support and offer to participate in their webinar about the recall.
  4. Requested that the American Academy of Family Physicians notify their members of the recall and provide them with information about OAT and a link to the Find-An-AADSM-Dentist listing.
  5. Contacted Philips Respironics and DME providers to let them know that AADSM members stand ready and willing to work with local physicians to provide OAT as a treatment option when appropriate.
  6. Implemented PR and marketing initiatives to ensure that patients affected by the recall know that OAT is a treatment option.
  7. Suggested to industry that they prepare for fast turnarounds on appliances to ensure that patients are treated as quickly as possible.
We will continue to monitor the recall and ensure that patients and referring providers recognize that OAT is a proven, effective treatment for obstructive sleep apnea.