2024 Annual Meeting Video Submission Offer

Annual Meeting Video Submission Offer

The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine Member Video Submission Offer gives AADSM members an opportunity to win FREE registration to the 2024 AADSM Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA on May 17-19, 2024.

Submission Deadline: 

March 1, 2024


1st place:

One FREE AADSM Annual Meeting registration (up to $700 value)

Up to TWO AADSM Team Member registrations (up to $325 value each)

2nd place:

50% off one AADSM Annual Meeting registration


Topic Suggestions

  • How has dental sleep medicine helped your patients?
  • Tell a patient success story (anonymously).
  • How has dental sleep medicine helped you or your practice?
  • DSM practice tips or things you wish you knew earlier in your career.
  • How has the AADSM helped you build a successful practice?


  • Video must be in mp4 format (Maximum 20 MB)
  • Video must not exceed 30 seconds in length.
  • Video must adhere to the suggested topics or something similar. Off-topic videos will not be considered.
  • Videos must NOT contain any patient identification, copyrighted music or other material; promote any product or brand; contain profanity, content depicting or promoting sexual activity, content depicting or promoting illegal activity, or content that depicts or promotes violence or harm.

How to Submit

Videos may be submitted in one of three ways:

  • Upload to YouTube or other social media and send link directly to bwilcox@aadsm.org
  • Attach file (mp4 format, maximum 20 MB) directly to an email to bwilcox@aadsm.org
  • Upload to Dropbox folder:

Video Submission Dropbox

Judgement Rubric

Creativity: 1-5

  • Has the member dedicated creative efforts to the video?
  • Is the material unique and personalized?

Commitment to Subject (DSM, OAT, AADSM): 1-5

  • Does the member show passion and excitement for DSM?
  • Is the material personalized?
  • Is it on-topic and relevant?

Adequate Format: 1-5

  • Is the length appropriate?
  • Is it accessible? A Dropbox link, a YouTube link or an mp4 email attachment.

Accuracy of Information (if applicable): 1-5

  • Are all scientific and medical claims in the video accurate?
  • Are all the claims appropriate for the AADSM to share?
  • If no specific claims are made, this category can be ignored when scoring.

    By submitting a video, you agree to the

    Full Video Submission Offer Rules

    Questions? Contact bwilcox@aadsm.org