Annual Meeting Policies and Disclaimers

Registrations will not be processed unless accompanied by payment in full. Registration forms that are incomplete or do not include full payment will be returned. If you are paying by check or international money order, please note that all payments must be made in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank. Credit cards accepted include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Confirmation and Access to Sessions On-Demand
After registering to receive access to the 2021 AADSM Annual Meeting on-demand, a confirmation email will be sent from the AADSM, followed by an email from that contains access to the meeting website. 

Notification of cancellation must be submitted in writing to the AADSM national office at A $50.00 administrative fee will be withheld on the cancellation postmarked on or before April 9, 2021. Refunds are not possible after this date. If you are registered for the meeting and do not participate in the live sessions, you will not be provided a refund as you will have access to the recorded session for one year.

Refunds will not be applied to the original payment source (i.e., credit card). Any refunds processed by the AADSM will be paid by check to individuals in the US (or e-payment to individuals who chose to set up an account in and by wire transfer to individuals outside of the US.

Photography/ Recording Policy
Photography and/or recording of any kind (other than by the AADSM) of sessions, speakers, and the exhibit hall is strictly prohibited. 

Registration Types
  • AADSM Member: To register as an AADSM member, the registrant must currently be a Regular, Active-Duty Military, Academic, Emeritus, or Dental Team Member of the AADSM. If the AADSM is unable to confirm that the individual is a member, the AADSM will register the individual as a nonmember at the prevailing nonmember fees.
  • Student Member: To register as a student member, the registrant must currently be a student member of the AADSM. If the AADSM is unable to confirm that the individual is a student member, the AADSM will register the individual as a nonmember at the prevailing nonmember fees.
  • Nonmember: If you are not an individual member of the AADSM and would like to become a member and save on your registration, please complete the membership application at For more information regarding AADSM membership, contact the AADSM at (630) 686-9875.


Industry Support
While the AADSM appreciates the support of the exhibiting companies, it does not endorse or recommend any products, services, or educational offerings provided by exhibitors or through industry supported events held at the AADSM Annual Meeting.

The virtual exhibit hall is simply available as a convenience for attendees who may want to learn more or compare various products, services or educational offerings. The AADSM does not review, investigate, or otherwise approve, the quality, type, message, nature, or value of any product or service marketed by exhibitors. We encourage you to conduct your own independent research.

The AADSM does not endorse any products, devices or appliances. Therefore, the use, mention or depiction of any product, device, or appliance during an AADSM educational program shall not be interpreted as an endorsement, recommendation or preference by the AADSM. Any opinion expressed or communicated regarding any product, device or appliance during an AADSM educational program is solely the opinion of the individual(s) expressing or communicating that opinion, and not that of the AADSM.
The AADSM cautions participants about the potential risks of using limited knowledge when incorporating techniques and procedures into practice when they have not had supervised clinical experience or demonstrated competency.

AADSM Code of Conduct
Please click here to review the AADSM’s official guidelines and requirements for behavior in an AADSM meeting. All meeting participants must observe all standards at all times. Violations of this code are taken seriously and may result in action including, but not limited, to limiting the ability to participate in the 2021 AADSM Annual Meeting.